Web development
Web Development

With more than 10 years of experience in Web development, professional and experienced team - we are ready to deliver even the most challenging ideas. We stick with good ol’ Ruby on Rails to make sure there will be no task that we couldn’t do.

Ruby Ruby on Rails
Vue Vue.js
Html5 HTML 5
Sass Sass
Nodejs Node.js
Coffeescript CoffeeScript
Sidekiq Sidekiq
Elasticsearch Elasticsearch
Postgresql PostgreSQL
Bootstrap Bootstrap
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Web App Travel & Transport
Powerhouse for any vehicle

An App that lets users check mileage, technical data and history of a particular vehicle, based on its registration number, vehicle VIN and the date of first registration. Downloading reports and creating content on the base of rudimentary information concerning imported cars and their history.

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Avatar zajac
Przemysław Zając

Clients usually come to us with specific requirements and functionalities that needs to be done. We plan to deliver everything in the shortest time possible, without endangering the performance or security which is always paramount for us. This can be achieved not only with trusted frameworks and tools, but also great people on board.

DevOps & Cloud

We are proud to say that all of our Devs are familiar with server architecture and infrastructure. They are also rocking with Docker - on top of that we have some real AWS talents - they will take care about performance and scalability of your project.

Aws Amazon Web Services
Docker Docker Containers
Scaling Scalable Servers
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Ecommerce Furniture
More than just an online store

Custom ecommerce platform that connects the user with the community of interior designers. With tons of inspirational visuals  it aims to help customers arrange their rooms with products from the webstore.

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Avatar jarek
Jarosław Woźniak

Control over what’s happening and what might happen is a core thing. Starting from a developer's test environment when the project is still in progress, finishing on an already existing one. We have to think what our partner might come across along the way, and do our best to prepare a solution ready for all scenarios even in the future.

Digital Product Design

Pretty sure you have plenty of ideas about visuals - that’s great, we won’t turn a blind eye on it! As humans we tend to buy in emotions - so very often your website/service is chosen because of intuitive and tempting design and reliability - you ask, we provide. 

Web Web Design
Phone Mobile Design
Prototyping Prototyping
Usability testing Usability Testing
A b testing 3 A/B Testing
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Web App Marketing
Manage your Ads - simple yet powerful

Designed especially for e-commerce. It puts advertising on autopilot with smart integration of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Integration with Facebook marketing API and Shopify API.

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Aleksandra przepio%cc%81rka zdj jan czuchaj kc
Aleksandra Przepiórka

Let’s face it - your App has to be intuitive and beautiful. We will do our best to make your Ferrari shine, and give you that premium feel when you get inside. But every Ferrari also must be simple to use and that makes people would die buying it. That’s why we focus on deep analysis, logical project and testing prototypes.

Quality assurance
Quality Assurance

You and your clients use your App everyday - so it has to be bug-free and properly tested. Our testers make sure that there are no unpleasant surprises during the experience. Thanks to manual and automated tests we are able to tell if your App is healthy today, and will stay like this for a long time.

Test automation Test Automation
Support Support Maintenance
Unit testing Unit Testing
Software testing Software Testing
Alertserwis miniature
Ecommerce Information & Notifications

An app that allows the user to install a plugin on the site that enables companies to present their stock monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports. It’s also integrated with particular stock websites scrapers.

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Mateusz Bułka

Quality Assurance starts with the very first task added to Jira and even before. The more precise, clear descriptions and materials equals less fixing on later stages. Tests are running in our projects from the early stages, as we have to be completely sure we deliver 100% reliable product.

Mobile development
Mobile Development

We love to code Web Apps, but we are aware that the world does not end here. We have some skilled Devs who share that opinion. They are ready to either prepare a whole new project, adapt existing one to Android and iOS world or even make it as an extension of your Web Application.

Android Android (Kotlin)
Apple iOS (Swift)
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Web App Managment
Vastly developed App for food management

Portal and connected mobile app that allows you to make repeatable orders for your company. It’s also a central hub for partners who deliver meals, kitchens and customers. Calendar helps to find which meals will be delivered on each day and make amends.

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Paweł Nowik

We have our smartphones always on us nowadays. As a developer and user I know that the most crucial are intuitive UI and performance, especially considering the range of smartphone use cases - one time we play a game, second we find our way with maps and finish the day with AR dinosaurs thanks to built-in camera - all in one device!

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