1. Goal

The Inbox24 application was to be based on the company's proprietary Personal Logistics Box (PLB) system. With the Inbox24 application, users of delivery services were to comfortably send and receive packages.

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Key Challenges
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Secure Communication between boxes and application

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User panel which is a PWA application

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Admin panel

2. Solution

The application is designed so that the Reciver/User of the delivery cervice as well as the Courier can seamlessly send or receive the shipment.

We have developed an intuitive Inbox24 management system available on desktop and mobile. The designed control panel for administrator, courier and user allows efficient management of Inbox24 resources. 

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3. Effect

This way of development had to be backed with attractive and easy to use Interface. Thanks to Vue.js and CSS it was possible to deliver light and intuitive layouts. We love to use Ruby on Rails so this technology was used to cover logic and the backend of Application, and thanks to Ruby’s clarity and support .

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Curious how we deliver? Not a big secret. We are putting exactly the same care about starting the project - making sure that we are on the same page before coding and finishing it, so you are left with a complete, working product.
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