1. Goal

It’s not a shocker that every store - online or not - needs to be advertised, so it can bring profit. With online Ads, there are few key options to choose from, and one of them is Facebook. Admonks is there to simplify creating and managing Facebook Ads - which means that behind the scene, there are tons of AI algorithms, scenarios, designed User Interface and hours of thinking about UX, as the App is targeted for beginners.

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Web development Web Development
Devops DevOps & Cloud
Design Digital Product Design
Quality assurance Quality Assurance
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Key Challenges
Auto fb

Automatic Facebook Integration

Messenger ads 2

Messenger Remarketing

Facebook ads

Facebook Retargeting Ads

Trustpilot integration

Reviews Platform Integration

Auto product updates

Automated product updates


Shopify Payments

Shop care

Support for Shopify stores


Recommendation Program


AI Algorithms

2. Solution

Most important for properly working App are AI algorithms, which are self-learning programs. So when a customer invests money, their campaigns learn from their history, but also from history of the other stores - sounds amazing, not mentioning constant updates provided by webhooks that react to programmed changes that happen live, but also after a delay. Powerful backend we had to wrap in a simple and light User Interface - which doesn’t confuse new users. Simple thing for some Vue.js and Ruby on Rails, specially powered by AWS!

Ruby Ruby
Vue Vue.js
Elasticsearch Elasticsearch
Sidekiq Sidekiq
Docker Docker
Fb campaigns
Unlock no limits

Combine it with Messenger

Admonks can be used as standalone Facebook Ads App, but it can also be combined with Messenger Ads. It allows potential customers to remind them about shopping, or unfinished baskets in the Messenger App simply by checking a box on the product page.


Affiliate Program

When an App has a potential it is not worth to stop with developing it. Affiliate Program extends the reach of Admonks, so it became a portal with users apart from just using it’s core functionality. We also coded it the way to gain 20% fee value on every sale made by recommendation.

Affiliate program
3. Effect

As developers we are proud to see our work is used everyday by so many Shopify users. While most important functionalities were already implemented here - like automated product updates or automatic creation of product feed and catalogs, there is constant technical support and a dedicated specialist to cover all app-related needs.

Curious how we deliver? Not a big secret. We are putting exactly the same care about starting the project - making sure that we are on the same page before coding and finishing it, so you are left with a complete, working product.

$1,2 mln extra sales

Finishing App is a huge milestone for every Software House. It’s even better to know that Application that we developed brought a lot of profit for many happy customers.


Idea of creating Admonks was born in Poland. Apart from a wild and energetic team, as developers we help to wrap a marketing world in a digital way - with every line of code. Seems to work so far - as Admonks is growing every year, it makes a perfect chance for us to plan future improvements!

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