1. Goal

The client, in response to the upcoming changes in regulations related to vehicle inspections, wanted to create a product that would facilitate the work of Vehicle Inspection Station employees. 

From this idea, we started working on SKPQ.

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Key Challenges
Extract data

Extracting data from external services

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2. Solution

The goal was to create an application that would allow the quick and efficient completion of data (including the addition of photos) already during the inspection.

The second reason for the creation of the application was the need of used car customers to be able to easily and quickly obtain a full report on the condition of the car.

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3. Effect

This way of development had to be backed with attractive and easy to use Interface. Thanks to Vue.js and CSS it was possible to deliver light and intuitive layouts. We love to use Ruby on Rails so this technology was used to cover logic and the backend of Application, and thanks to Ruby’s clarity and support - all the new ideas to improve carQ can be implemented without problems and with up to date tools.

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Curious how we deliver? Not a big secret. We are putting exactly the same care about starting the project - making sure that we are on the same page before coding and finishing it, so you are left with a complete, working product.

We are glad that we can collaborate with people like Tomasz. To deliver working functionalities, one of the most important aspects is a plan - vision, but also a precise description on how the next tool should work, look like etc. We are happy to say that with SKPQ everything goes smooth, and everybody always knows what is the goal and what should be done in the project thanks to clarity and great communication.


Netkodo is a team of professionals who have cooperated with us on our key project - a complex and multidimensional automotive platform Carq.pl - since 2017.

The ability to determine client’s needs and offer appropriate technologies that fit the business task is their supreme asset.

I’m delighted to recommend Netkodo to any entrepreneur.

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