1. Goal

When we started development around Frokost, it was already a grown and useful Application used to order meals for companies. Our main goal there was to arm it with new functionalities like more advanced employees managing system or tweaked payment for customers. This and constant support quickly allowed us to modify and improve the Project, which was extra important as we couldn’t allow anything else to stop working from an already existing App with many active users per day.

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Key Challenges
Payment summary

Accounts Summary and Payment Management


Employees Management System


Data Management


Prepaid implementation

Semi automated orders

Ordering System Improvements

User permissions

Users Improvements


Mobile App Improvements


Automated Testing 


Support & Maintenance

2. Solution

Application core revolved around calendar and ordering system, delivering and payment. One of our tasks was to prepare a system for contracting delivery companies, while next time we were preparing payment in advance for customers of the service. It was challenging because we had to work with a code that was already planned and some scenarios could be hard to do. With some extra tools like Papertrail or Prawn (and many more!) we were able to provide features like detailed history and Advanced PDF download/configuration which wasn’t available before.

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Technical and Product support

One of the most valuable thing was a complex help for each customer in need. Apart from introducing new functionalities, we did our best to help customer managers - so there was no user left behind with any problem. 


Advanced Automatic Operations

Automation is quite a big topic now - no wonder why, more is done by the program, so people are saving time which leads to saving or making more money. We have built a complex system with many dependencies - e.g. when orders are incoming, all concerned parties automatically receive emails and system notifications - so the only thing that has to be done is actual work.

Automatic operations
3. Effect

There is no possibility to measure how much every additional line of code helps your customers. When another happy customer is able to pay in a different way, the manager can finally see other statistics, and manage lunches more precisely. Oh, and these nice and intuitive buttons are finally added! That’s what we like to call a good job.

Curious how we deliver? Not a big secret. We are putting exactly the same care about starting the project - making sure that we are on the same page before coding and finishing it, so you are left with a complete, working product.

Great companies to work with


We were proud to cooperate with Frokostfirmaet - and we are even more happy that they could work with even bigger and respected companies like Red Bull, Samsung or Dell during their work. Improving their App was truly a great experience.



Frokostfirmaet is an experienced and dedicated company. Every day hundreds of lunch eaters receive their orders, chefs doing their best to prepare everything while delivery partners make transport happen. Together we improved a lot of aspects, increased stability and introduced completely new ideas to keep this chain of delivery strong, while putting up a notch or two in terms of development.


We have worked with Netkodo since April 2018. They where hired to help expand and run our ERP and business App for Frokostfirmaet. A big platform that are very integral to our success. Netkodo has also build our integrated mobile apps. Their work have been second to none. We have had excellent communication with both coders and their project managers all the way and Netkodo are a very flexible software partner. Frokostfirmaet is not a straight vanilla company - but Netkodo seems to deliver all the time. We appreciate their expertise on the coding side of things and are looking forward to many more years of collaboration.

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