Case study



Our objective was to create an engaging and educational platform that teaches young children the fundamentals of numbers from 1 to 10. We aimed to foster early mathematical skills in a captivating way that would hold the attention of preschool-aged children, ensuring they not only learn but also enjoy the process.


Web development


To achieve our goals, we developed using Vue.js, a progressive JavaScript framework ideal for building user interfaces. The application features interactive games that incorporate frame-by-frame animations and sound effects to make learning dynamic and exciting. Our approach involved:

  • Interactive Design: Utilizing Vue.js to create a responsive and interactive experience that keeps children interested and motivated to learn.
  • Animations and Sound: Integrating rich, frame-by-frame animations and playful sound effects that enhance the learning experience, making it lively and engaging.
  • Educational Content: Carefully crafted educational content that is age-appropriate and conducive to learning basic numeracy.




The result was a highly effective educational tool that significantly impacts children's early learning experiences. Feedback from parents and educators has been overwhelmingly positive, noting improvements in children’s understanding of numbers and their increased enthusiasm for learning. The intuitive design and interactive features of have made it a popular choice in educational technology for young learners, demonstrating our capability to blend technology, design, and education in creating valuable educational solutions.

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