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Enhancing accessibility benefits your business, and with the latest DOJ endorsement, websites are recognized as service facilities that should be disability-friendly.

Legal Risks for Non-Compliant Websites

Serious Implications for Accessibility Neglect

As web accessibility rapidly advances, legal repercussions are becoming more extensive, affecting various sectors, particularly targeting small to medium enterprises.

It's projected that legal claims will rise as the demand for accessible digital interfaces becomes increasingly critical.


The WCAG Tool Sets the Standard in Accessibility Audits

Complimentary for a Lifetime

The WCAG Tool is dedicated  to community outreach by increasing accessibility awareness.

Precise and Dependable

Engineered to achieve strict compliance with WCAG 2.1 Level AA criteria for assured reliability.

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Quick, comprehensive results are generated for your immediate inspection.


Introducing Netkodo, Your Premier Online Accessibility Partner

Netkodo delivers cutting-edge, AI-driven tools designed to effortlessly guide the adaptation of websites, ensuring they are user-friendly for individuals with disabilities and adhere to legal standards.

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Gain thorough insights with detailed explanations and individual scores for each checkpoint.

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WCAG tool is trusted by and powers over 236,470 websites worldwide!



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Frequently asked questions

How can I ensure my website is compliant?

To make your website compliant, it's necessary to conform to the WCAG 2.1 Level AA guidelines, which are the benchmarks for web accessibility.

Does the WCAG Tool collect any data from my website?

No, the WCAG Tool does not gather data from your website, maintaining compliance with data privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA.

Why should I choose the WCAG Tool over other testing tools?

The WCAG Tool uses AI similar to human assessment, making  it more reliable than other tools that may only identify errors based on presets.

Why might my website not be compliant?

Due to the complexity of web accessibility, many platforms do not meet the requirements inherently. Without undergoing a remediation process, a website is likely not compliant.

What should I do with the results from the WCAG Tool?

 The results can guide developers or accessibility services to completely remedy your site by breaking down WCAG requirements and how your site measures up.

Why might my website not be compliant?

The WCAG Tool is designed to audit, not to fix compliance issues. It offers an accurate assessment of your site's compliance status.

Is it possible to settle a lawsuit with the WCAG Tool report?

While the WCAG Tool does not have legal authority, its report on your compliance status can inform your decisions regarding any legal actions.

How accurate is the WCAG Tool?

The WCAG Tool employs AI engines and API from leading accessibility technology to deliver precise results akin to user-testing.

Will the WCAG Tool confirm if I'm compliant with laws like the ADA and 508?

Yes, the WCAG Tool checks your site against WCAG standards, which are recognized by international laws including the ADA, AODA, EEA, IS5568,  and others.

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