1. Goal

With AlertSerwis the main challenge to achieve was multifunctionality. It should be a service that not only looks clean and intuitive, but also takes care about statistics, campaigns, mailing and updates reports for all institutions that monitor your company’s notifications. You can also publish and reach shareholders on different portals, send text messages to your subscribers and build their list.

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Key Challenges

Automatic updates


Widget-maker for website


Build subscribers database

2. Solution

Such a wide range of tools need to be governed well. Thanks to Sidekiq that we use in almost every project - we can plan and execute tasks that should be done at a time. So e.g. we don’t have to worry about regular updates or these emails that should be automatically sent. We combine it with some jQuery and Ruby on Rails, to achieve great UI experience and stable performance.

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Javascript jQuery
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3. Effect

Hours of work and a mix of technologies allowed us to prepare not only a website with service but also a full fledged App used for mailing, subscriptions, news updates and statistics. All seasoned with modern plugin to embed it into website.

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Curious how we deliver? Not a big secret. We are putting exactly the same care about starting the project - making sure that we are on the same page before coding and finishing it, so you are left with a complete, working product.

Great companies to work with


We were proud to cooperate with Alertserwis- and we are even more happy that they could work with even bigger and respected companies like Santander, citi handlowy or PGNiG during their work. Improving their App was truly a great experience.



Netkodo is a team of professionals with whom we have the pleasure to cooperate continuously since 2015, carrying out several large projects at once. They are distinguished not only by the high level of competence, but also by the ability to identify customer needs and offer task-tailored technology tailored The reliable approach to each project commissioned, and above all the exceptional timeliness of their implementation deserves special recognition. The experience of Netkodo employees is a guarantee not only of efficient cooperation, but also the implementation of the client's vision supported by consultation and analysis of individual stages of the task. I recommend Netkodo with the greatest pleasure.

Mariusz nowak Mariusz Nowak
Alertserwis CEO
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