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An application that makes it easy to find a business or a company registered in Poland in one place, regardless of whether it is registered in Central Register and Economic Information (CEIDG) or in the National Court Register Information Database ( KRS). In addition, you can buy a company credibility report there, verify whether the entity is a VAT payer. You can also send a JPK_vat file to verify you all the contractors you have or are vat payers.

Grasping the database of 5 million records + links. Ability to search for any part of the name, nipu, krs, regon. Search optimization, optimization of adding records to the database. Parsing court monitors. Parsing copies of krs. Modification of krs copies so that Polish letters look good on appla devices (from the government side there is a lime tree) Possibility to download copies of krs, ceidg letters from the Ministry's websites and fight against their security

NETKODO is a team of professionals with whom we have the pleasure to cooperate continuously since 2015, carrying out several large projects at once. They are distinguished not only by the high level of competence, but also by the ability to identify customer needs and offer task-tailored technology tailored The reliable approach to each project commissioned, and above all the exceptional timeliness of their implementation deserves special recognition. The experience of NETKODO employees is a guarantee not only of efficient cooperation, but also the implementation of the client's vision supported by consultation and analysis of individual stages of the task. I recommend NETKODO with the greatest pleasure.

Mariusz Nowak
Prezes Zarządu

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