Portal and conntected mobile application that allows to make repeatable orders for your company. It is also a central hub for partners who deliver meals, kitchens and customers. Integrated calendar helps to find which meals will be delivered on each day, also allow to make changes and keep control over your orders.


Admonks is an app designed especially for e-commerce. It puts advertising on autopilot with smart integration of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Integration with Facebook marketing API and Shopify API. Creating algorithms to search for new customers on Facebook based on the its new feature- the Lookalike LTV audiences. Integrating Messenger to create a retargeting tool to recover abandoned...


VOD TV platform for fishing and angling lovers with original movies and programmes. Integration with Vimeo by api. We made it possible to manage the Vimeo account from the application.  

Logo carq

An App that lets users check mileage, technical data and history of a particular vehicle, based on its registration number, vehicle VIN and the date of first registration. Downloading reports and creating content on the base of rudimentary information concerning imported cars and their history.  We created an algorithm for decrypting data from aztec code.


An app that allows the user to install a plugin on the site that enables companies to present their stock monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports. It’s also integrated with particular stock websites scrapers.   Updating the data of the company  and the process of downloading reports and attachments. Installing Javascript plugin allowing the user to embed it on the site.


Custom ecommerce platform that connects the user with the community of interior designers. With tons of inspirational visuals  it aims to help customers arrange their rooms with products from the webstore. Operating very large traffic. Automation of server scaling. Integration with paypal to accept payments, participate as an intermediary to create accounts and transfer commissions to...


Tools for online communication with customers. Pop-Up Wizard - POP-UP to any page. Creating a wizard to generate forms or popups and a mechanism to send massmailing without hitting the blacklist right away.


An application that makes it easy to find a business or a company registered in Poland in one place, regardless of whether it is registered in Central Register and Economic Information (CEIDG) or in the National Court Register Information Database ( KRS). In addition, you can buy a company credibility report there, verify whether the entity is a VAT payer. You can also send a JPK_vat file to...

Grabowa10 1
Logo grabowa10

Grabowa10 is a portal made for family clinic which is based in Toruń since 1997. You can find everything you need from informations about prices or team, to prescription order and tests results online. It is also easy to register online - but there is no problem to do it via email or phone. Everything prepared to provide you with almost any information without even walking out from home.

Adwokat logo is a smooth and sleek website prepared for customers. Main goal to achieve was simplicity and functionality. You can easily navigate to get all the informations - there is also a convenient contact form and all records regarding range of services.


Website created for patients who wants to easily order a visit in clinic. Choose a branch you want to sign in, doctor and best time for you. It provides all the informations regarding operating team, location, contact etc.

Logo kpcu

WWW service for a modern urological clinic. Website contains a complete description of the healing process, achievements and biographies of the team of specialist doctors.

Lekarze logo 02

A website for a modern medical clinic. The main goal is to present a modern patient-friendly space. The website includes a guide with articles for patients.

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Website presenting the portfolio of an acclaimed designer. Laboratory graphic design and illustration. The most important element of the site is a gallery presenting various graphic designs and realizations.

Teatr21 0

It was not just another website for a cultural institution. Teatr21 is a unique Polish theatre. The foundation running a theatre known throughout Europe needed a service where content plays a major role.

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