Custom applications

We develop custom applications using the latest solutions available on the market that fit specific needs of each customer. Our path of building software is always selected depending on customer to meet the highest standards.


Imagine an online store that fits exactly your & market needs. Supporting omnichannel, responsive and integrated with many external services to speed up your sales. Our broad experience in ecommerce (Shopify, Spree and many more) will let you minimalize risk of creating a custom online store.

Financial solutions

We are experienced in automated trading on Forex. If you require a financial application, we'll create one for you. Security and speed are the most important aspects and we put a lot of pressure on that.

Estimate your project

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What we provide

  • Web app that looks and work great on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

  • Back-end systems, exposing API for your native.

  • We design and build systems from scratch to the finished and tested solution. We bring the software that meets the current requirements. We monitor the availability of frameworks, language versions, tools, operating systems and accessibility.

  • We use proven in various conditions hosting platforms. We professionally configure cloud services. We supervise the implementation processes of new projects. We're backing up the database. Our administrators work closely with developers.

  • We connect applications to variable external systems through APIs. Your app can be integrated with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter for sharing and authentication. We've integrated systems with Google, we used Google Maps for maps and geolocated content.

  • We design and deliver scalable apps and services for handling large traffic. We have experience with previous clients, our solutions support tens of thousands of users.

  • Keeping an eye on your apps, we will let you know if necessary and take action to restore interrupted service, whether by increasing server capacity to match the traffic peaks or by fixing production bugs, should they require immediate action.


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